Information contained on our Website, the Bushfire Resilience Rating Home Self-Assessment App (RBC App), the Resilience Ratings Assessment (RBC Assessment), FORTIS House or any other information that Resilient Building Council (RBC) may share with you (collectively the RBC Publications) provide guidance on improving your home’s resilience to natural hazards. RBC Publications are provided as a guide only and no reliance or actions must be made on information contained within the RBC Publications, without seeking appropriate professional advice and required regulatory permits, prior to construction or retro-fitting activities.

We rely on the information you provide us in preparing the RBC Assessment. While every care has been taken in preparing the RBC Publications, RBC accepts no responsibility for decisions or actions taken as a result of any data, information, statement or advice, expressed or implied, contained within.

Homes adapted for improved resilience to natural hazards are likely to better withstand a natural hazard than homes that are not resilient. However, RBC makes no representations or warranties of any kind, including the guarantee of the resilience of new or retro-fitted homes against any and all natural hazard risks.

Before acting on any advice you should consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to your personal circumstances. RBC will not be held liable for any loss, damage, injury or death arising in connection with home construction or retro-fitting as a result of its activities or the RBC Publications. When faced with natural hazards., always follow all directions and advice of emergency services.